English Translation of "Sheeshta Baashom" from CD Salaam Afghanistan

While I am sitting…

My ladylove!
May you come in suddenly!
-while I am sitting ignorant-
And may you grow a flower-Pavilion around me!

You played nothing to make us drunk,
…uttered nothing to be proud of
In the “harem” of our romance
You beat no drum to make us dance!

O green sapling, my delicate “Dolaana”!
O forest-girl grown from my own house!
Let my young hopes and celestial love,
Get aged in your kind shade

As you comb your ringlets
As you let raindrops kiss them
An ocean of fragrance crosses me
May the spring of your life be eternal!

Compose: Farhad Darya, Lyrics: Qahar Asi


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