English Translation of "Pag Beeraar" from CD Salaam Afghanistan

We are all brothers!

Whether from Bamyan or Kandahar,
We’re all brothers!
Whether from Kabul, Balkh or Takhar,
We’re all brothers!
If we come from Logar, Paktia or Nangarhar,
We’re all brothers!

Some from Kunduz or Panjshir
Or Paghman
Some form Badakshan or Samangan
But we’re all brothers!

“Worora! “, ”Akka jaan”, “Daadar!””Beeraar!”
My partner!
Let’s sow flowers together
We’re all brothers!

We praise one word through languages,
And bloom souls through one motherland
We are two fountains from the same mountain
We’re all brothers! We’re all brothers!

*Woror, Akka, Daadar, Beeraar . . . are different names in some Afghan languages for BROTHER
Compose: Folklore, Lyrics: Safdar Tawakoli & Samay Hamed


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