English Translation of "Golom Golom" from CD Golom Golom

Golom Golom

O lovely flower of mine!
O flower of mine!
from Kabul's Gardens

It's only thee that my heart feels friendly towards

Let me shine the mirror from here up to Kabul
Let me comb my beloved's locks,
The locks of my beloved are curly
And my heart is depressed because of the separation

The camel is under the load Oh, my dear!
I tend to make a journey to Kandahar Oh, my dear!
No body can trust this passing world of ours,
Let us sit and chat a short while Oh, my dear!

The song was written by Farhad Darya in Germany, summer of 1993; released in 1995 in Germany. The lyrics are folkloric.

Translated by: Prof. M. I. Nefargar


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