English Translation of "Beloved Kabul" from CD Golom Golom
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Beloved Kabul

Let me sing limitless songs
Limitless songs for the agony of the Afghans
For my homeless wandering people
Let me sing from Iran down to Pakistan

Do you have a trip towards Kabul or not
O my beloved?
Do you want to make a journey towards your lover or not,
O my beloved?
I am going to dye of the pain of my eagerness
Do you have any news of the miserable state of mine or not,
O my beloved?

Let me sing the hymn of the Afghan nation
Let me go to Hindukush and recite the holly Koran
Let me sing to my homeless wandering people
From Iran all the way down to Pakistan

The song was written by Farhad Darya in the early days of 1988 in Kabul, at the time of the Soviet invasion; recorded in Paris in 1991, and released in Germany in 1992. The lyrics have been written by the Afghan legendary poet, "Qahar Asi " who was the victim of a skyrocket in Kabul on September 28, 1994.

Translated by: Prof. M. I. Negargar


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