Title: "Salaam Afghanistan", DVD & CD
Released: March, 2004
Production: TriVision Studios, USA in Association with
Ocean Multimedia and Foundation for Young Afghan Cinema
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DVD includes:
 8 music videoes entirely shot in Afghanistan
 A segment of Toronto concert, September, 2003
 Behind the Scenes in Afghanistan
 Interview and Commentaries by Darya TriVision Studios, USA

Trk. Song Compose Lyrics
 1 "Salaam Afghanistan" F. Darya Yama Nasher Yaknamesh
 2 "Gul Sanam" Folklore Folklore
 3 "Sheeshta Baashom" F. Darya Qahar Asi
 4 "Beeyaa Taa" F. Darya Mawlaana Balkhi (Rumi)
 5 "Pag Beerar" Folklore Safdar Tawakuli & Samay Hamed
 6 "Yakdaana Gul" Folklore Folklore
 7 "Babulaal" Folklore Folklore
 8 "Maadaram" F. Darya F. Darya
 9 "Sheen Raket" F. Darya Folklore
10 Instrumental F. Darya N/A

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