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NOVEMBER 14, 2001

"I am cold!" Tour
Farhad Darya, Afghanistan's foremost singer-in-exile- and
"I Am Cold!" world-tour: offering hope through music

Farhad Darya's musical career spans and captures the Afghan people's two decades of
war-torn suffering.

A world-renowned composer, songwriter, performer, and music researcher, Darya sings
to a scattered audience abroad - - and, after 5 years, to shattered people in Afghanistan
through national radios.

Following the Russian occupation, he began his performance career in 1980 - - standing up
for, and offering hope to the wounded and oppressed of Afghanistan via the power, meaning
and passion of his music. In 1983, Farhad Darya founded his first band in Kabul in the name
of "Baran" (The Rain). "Baran" was the most booming, successful and well-known music band
in the last 20 years of Afghan music. Four young university students rocked the routine in
Afghan music. For the last 20 years, he has been committed to unifying a torn and discon-
nected nation through music.

Since 1990 - - and living in exile in Europe and in the United States - - he has performed to
sold-out audiences nationally and internationally, inspiring exiled Afghan communities
throughout the world.

Awarded many times Best Afghan Singer (most recently: Copenhagen, Denmark, Summer
2001), Darya has both studied literature and taught music at the university of Kabul, and is
will-regarded as a music researcher.

At the current situation remains critical in Afghanistan and folder throughout the world,
Farhad Darya is planning a worldwide tour " I Am Cold! " to benefit the children of Afghanistan,
many of whom will die of starvation and cold this winter.