Street Accounts Project

The "Street Accounts" project of KOCHAH Organization is a non-profit entity promoting education for street children. The project seeks sponsors and encourages individuals and/or groups to support under-privileged families and education of their children, who are compelled to endeavor in income earning activities on the street. The main goal of the Street Accounts project is to create education opportunity for street children and send them to school. The overall mission of KOCHAH is to help improve living conditions of children regardless of their ethnic background, language, religion and gender.


Recently the Street Accounts project of "KOCHAH" opened 2000 bank accounts for two thousand marginalized female headed families in Kabul. All the account holders are women who lost their husbands during wars. In order to effectively implement the project, KOCHAH collaborates with the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs (MoLSA), Ministry of Education (MoE) and Kabul Bank.


How does sponsorship work?
A systematic approach has been introduced to ensure that the children and their families receive maximum benefits from the sponsorships under the Street Accounts project. In that both KOCHAH and sponsors are required to fulfill certain roles and obligations.




  • select the most eligible families and registrar them to the project.
  • manage all funds and ensure that the fund goes directly to beneficiaries with 0% overhead and administrative cost, etc.
  • follow up on the school attendance of the children
  • keep the sponsors abreast of the progress and the difference the donations have brought to the lives of the children
  • guarantee that ONLY mothers—the household head—of the families have access to these accounts.
  • provide all sponsors with online access to the accounts in order to check the balance status
  • ensures that sponsors' fund is tax-exempted right from the beginning.
  • maintain confidentiality of the information of sponsors.


Sponsors will:

  • commit to a minimum of three-year-sponsorship.
  • contribute per child US$ 50 monthly or US$ 600 yearly to their back account.
  • exclude any bank transfer related charges from their donation/fund.
  • sign the agreement form as a first step to begin with the sponsorship.
  • notify KOCHAH administration upon discontinuation of sponsorship at least six months in advance
  • Agree not to disclose information about the sponsored family.

Kochah is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance and
education opportunities for deprived children as well as creating an awareness of children
protection and their rights. Kochah’s overall mission is to promote children’s living conditions
regardless of their ethnicity, group, language, religion, or gender. Kochah is registered at the ministry of Finance (MoF) under (10036 dated 15.07.1386.) It operates under the law of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and has a presence throughout the world.


For further information please visit the websites www.FarhadDarya.info/kochah; www.Kochah.org and/or write to KOCHAH. A KOCHAH representative will contact you within shortest possible time.