PATRON-IN-CHIEF His Excellency the Governor-
General of Australia

3 JANUARY 2002

Farhad Darya, known as Darya was born in Afghanistan in 1962 and grew up to become the most prominent voice of contemporary music in Afghanistan. After five years of countrywide silence in Afghanistan, Darya's hit single Beloved Kabul was broadcast on radio Afghanistan on November 13th 2001- jubilant Afghans were dancing in the streets of the capital city to his music. Darya believes " music is the strongest weapon we have. It moves in a minute and everyone can follow it. And everyone knows the power of the music, even Taliban! "

Darya first appeared on Afghan TV 1980, just after the first year of the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Darya stands for his wounded and oppressed people, and his career parallels the Afghan nations suffering of the last two decades.

From 1989 to 1990 Darya has released more than 15 albums in Afghanistan, and from 1990 to 2001, 13 albums while in exile. He has performed sold out concerts in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, France, Sweden, Denmark Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Turkey and Italy with the aim to keep Afghan culture, music, and hope alive.

Darya has written 50% of the top Afghan hit of the last two decades . . . in and out of the country. Darya has repeatedly received the best singer of the year in Afghanistan and in exile, most recently in the summer of the 2001 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Darya has been in exile since fleeing to Prague then Hamburg in 1990 and since 95 has lived in Virginia in the USA.

For the last two decades, Darya has tried to mind a torn and disconnected Afghan nation through music, and is known for being the most daring and potent modern musician in the Afghan resist. He has sought to reconnect an isolated people to the rest of the world. In response to the current critical situation in Afghanistan, he has planned a worldwide benefit tour " I AM COLD! " to raise funds to help the dying Afghan children.

Money raised from his Melbourne and Sydney concerts will be donated to AUSTCARE's Afghan Emergency appeal. The Melbourne concert will be on 5 January at the Camberwell Civic Center, tickets are $30 contact Nasim Noor on 0402 475 769 and on the 12 January in Sydney white palace in Granville, Tickets are $30, contact Basir Aria on 0418 452 073.

Since 1967, Austcare has been mobilizing support for refugees and displaced, including those affected by natural disaster to assisting them to meet their basic needs and build better lives. For more information on AUSTCARE's work see and to donate to their Afghan Emergency Appeal call
1300 66 66 72

For media interviews only contact Elise Hawthorne @ EXPOSURE Communications on
O2 9600 9528 / 0413 363 232 or [email protected]


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