Arrived. I think.

“ . . . So anyways, if you’re missing Afghanistan, do I ever have a little treat for you? Yes, I ever do! See, there’s this guy called (and I apologize for my inadequate spelling here) Farhad Darya, and he is nothing short of the Michael Jackson of Afghanistan. Only, he doesn’t like kids — he loves them! (OK, that was a joke, sorry). No, seriously, he’s so famous it’s not even funny and his Billy Jean is called Afghanistan Salaam, and by God, is that a rocking tune? Again, yes it is! And for your pleasure, it’s available for download right here:

Farhad Darya: Afghanistan Salaam (mp3, 5Mb)
Trust me, you’ll love it. And if not, try moving to Afghanistan for 3 or so months, and come back and tell me you don’t love it. See, you can’t!
(And by the way: it’s pronounced “Afhraanistan”. Rock on.)
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