• Interviews of 2005

During the year 2005, Darya had a large number of interviews with the different Radios, TV's, newspapers and journals. Following are a few of them:

  Radio Free Europe (Azadi)– several times
Radio Hambastagi (Iranian radio in Sweden)
Radio Melody (Iranian radio in Sweden)
Radio Pazhvak (Iranian radio in Sweden)
Tadio Kian-e-Iran (Iranian radio in Scandinavia)
Radio Iran
Radio Paiam-e-Afghan (Afghan Radio in Sweden)
BBC – Dari Service – several times
BBC – Pashto Service -  several times
BBC – Persian Service - several times
BBC – English Service
Radio Deutsche Welle – German Service
Radio Deutsche Welle – Pashto Service
Radio Deutsche Welle – Dari Service
Radio France
Payam-e-Afghan TV (Los Angeles) – four times
Omaid Weekly
Voice of America
Radio Tar-o-Taza. Toronto. Twice
Afghan Hindara Radio. Toronto
Shahr-e-Maa TV. (Iranian TV) Toronto.
Shahr-e-Maa magazine (Iranian magazine) Toronto
Salaam Afghanistan TV. Los Angeles
Afghanistan Today TV. several times
Radio Hambastagi. Toronto – Toronto online
Mandayee TV. Toronto
Radio Khetab. Los Angeles
Seema-e-Aryana TV.
Zalaa TV (CA)
Lemar TV (CA)
Sada Wa Sima-e-Afghanistan TV (CA)
Radio Rangaarang. Iranian Radio in Sweden
Aiena-e-Afghan TV. Vancouver
J Magazine. Hamburg
Nimrooz Weekly. Iranian weekly in London
Tehran International magazine
From LA to Kabul TV
Ariana TV. Essen, Germany
ITN (Iran TV Network) Shabkhiz

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