2010 NEWS



NowRoz Festival 2010
Farhad Darya is performing live at the Nowroz Festival on April 25th, 2010 at Pleasanton Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, California.
Solidarity Concert for Women
Farhad Darya performed at the Loya Jirga tent for the solidarity of women in Afghanistan and around the world.  The show started with speeches held by ...
The First Goodwill Ambassador in Afghanistan
Farhad Darya has been designated as the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) National Goodwill Ambassador for Afghanistan. Bo Asplund, the UNDP Resident Representative in Afghanistan said...
50 Great Moments in the World Music
The 50th edition of “Songlines” magazine published in March of 2008 lists Farhad Darya’s 2004 concert held at...
HA! is Released
After 2 years of hard work, Farhad Darya’s new CD HA! has finally been released.  The album was released first in Asia...
Rocking for Solidarity
“Nazdeek Shodan” or “Dohle bezan” is Farhad Darya’s new video clip that after 8 months of work was launched and shown in February 2008 at ...
The TV Program of KOCHA Becoming to Festival
The KOCHA TV show has recently been made available on DVD and was sent to a festival in Iran through the...
The First Anniversary of KARDAN University
Farhad Darya participated in the first anniversary of the KARDAN University in Kabul and delivered...
Elimination of Violence Against women Campaign
Darya joined the UNDP’s campaign for the Elimination of Violence Against women to promote greater awareness and engage the public...
"Zenda Baashee”"(Du Sollst Leben), a dedicated night for Afghanistan
Farhad Darya and a great number of prominent personalities from German Art, Literature, Theater and Cinema such as...
Northern America Tour
Fans welcomed and cheered Darya in concerts across five major North American cities, beginning in San Francisco, passing through CANADA and...

Press Conference to Establish a New Project for Children
During a press conference held at the International Press Hall of the Ministry of Information & Culture in Kabul, Farhad Darya presented his new project...

Darya at the “Nobel Peace Center”
Farhad Darya, along with a selected number of prominent artists from around the world, was celebrated as a peace activist artist at ...
Encounters Gold Award to President Karzai

Farhad Darya presented the Encounters Gold Award to President Karzai at the presidential palace. Darya was accompanied by Karim Khorram, the minister of Information & Culture.

The “Encounters” Gold Award was ...
Supporting “Light & Learning” project
“Encounters” financially supported “Light & Learning”, the project introduced by Darya at the end of the “Encounters” tour... Obtains a Fresh and New Design
In July 2007, Darya’s Official Website will be launched with a fresh and new design. This time, we have...
“HA!” is About to Be Released
Darya’s new Pop Album “HA!” will be completed shortly. According to its distribution company, the upcoming album is expected to be released in mid August of 2007...
World Music Gala for Children
The big tour of "Encounters" performed in 15 cities of Germany ended in the evening of May 8th in Nürnberger Arena. Facing the audience and yet not higher than their...
“KOCHA” is Growing UP
After going through the post production process in Germany, the new Episode of TV show KOCHA, a special project for street children, was broadcast in Afghanistan
Gold Award
For its victorious market in Germany and Europe, “Encounters” received the “Gold Award”. This award was presented by Sony BMG to all stars of “Encounters”...
Short Documentary
The 35 minute-long TV documentary covers Darya’s recent activities around the world. The film has been written and produced by the known Afghan Journalist...
Steiger Award
Steiger Award was presented to Afghanistan’s President Mr. Hamed Karzai in Bochum (Germany) by Farhad Darya, the German rocker Peter Maffay and ...
Wetten Dass,…?
Darya performed along with other “Encounters” on “Wetten Dass”, one of the most popular and biggest variety TV shows in Europe...
Who’s Who in The World
Who’s Who in the World has published Farhad Darya’s biography in its 2007 edition as one of the leading...
Ein Herz für Kinder (A Heart for Children)
KOCHAH (Street) DVD was released
HA هَه!
“Salaamalek” - Darya’s first Rock Song
The filming of “Street 2” has been completed
What is happening to Music Village these days …
Darya’s bootleg DVD
Performance at the night of Quadriga Award
Bringing Sarban’s remains from Pakistan to Afghanistan
Visit to the Children Center of AWEC
Morgenland Festival
Darya’s Donation to the Institution of Afghan Writers
Darya & Maffay in Redrooster Studios
Darya Production
Darya visited the Children’s Prison
One Voice to Help the Needy Children
“Every orphan is our own child”
Darya’s Celebration Day
Darya won the Human Rights Award
Encounters – An Alliance for Children
The Inauguration of “Darya’s House”
Darya with the handicapped children
TV Show “SADAA” (Voice)
Visit to the Art School
Visit to the educational circus of children
Press Conference
Visit to Light and Learning Center
Supporting the Music Foundation of Afghanistan
New Year With Darya
First “KOCHAH” (Street) TV Show
Participation in rebuilding the Hall of Radio Afghanistan
“KOCHAH” (Street) a project for vulnerable children