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2002 News

25 January 2002. Virginia, USA
Again in the "House of Mirror"
After being busy with his tour in different countries, which kept him away, it was time for "House of Mirror" to have Darya. This is the place where member of literary schools and poetry attend. They read and analyse poems and pieces written by Mirza Bedel. Except one or two faces more or less everything else was in its place. The same love, the same Gnosticism and the same culture! The program continued from 9 in the evening to one in the morning.

12 January. Sydney, Australia
Sold Out Twice the Size of the Hall
The Sydney skies were heavily polluted and fogged after a big fire in its surrounding forests, that people had difficulty breathing. The morning that Darya landed in Sydney the news brought to him about the fire wasn't much of a serious issue, as he thought his friends might have joked with him. The night brought a gigantic amount of rain and the pollution subsided and was washed. His friends joked around saying this is all because of Darya's arrival!

Although Sydney's concert was sold out twice, meaning the size of the crowd exceeded twice the size that the hall could accommodate, a number of issues were noticeable due to lack of space and number of audience. The fault was that of the
so-called "promoter" Mr. Basir Aria who had "organized!" the show. This gentleman had selected a hall, which could accommodate a crowd of 800 people, whereas he sold 1600 tickets. A few hundred other fans who couldn't find any space regrettably had to leave from behind the hall doors, which were about to break.

If a person wanted to walk from one corner to the other corner of the hall, it would probably take them more than an hour, since all the hallways were occupied. Outside the hall there were a large number of people waiting for last minute tickets. Among those people, there were a few young men who had turned tiered and bored from waiting desperately for such a long time, turned a car upside down, which was parked in front of the hall! This way they tried to cool down their temper, and the road was heavily congested with traffic for several hours. Within 2 hours more than several police patrol cars arrived in the scene to help and calm the people down.

Despite all these numbers, Darya and his band shined brilliantly, and it was a grande and marvellous show. The fans celebrated their beloved artist, and rocked the night as well.

Who was to be blamed? Why should such a disorganisation and mess happen at the first place? The answer is fairly simple. Its because the organisation of such have never been in the hands of professionals, but rather shopkeepers and businessmen who think arranging a concert is a very simple task to perform. All that matters to these gentlemen are their own pockets and not the prestige of others and their own. As a result the reputation and prestige that artists such as Darya have gained, comes under immediate fire. We all hope that one day the holly roots of our music will be taken away from dirty hands of these money lovers.

At the end of the program, Chief Executive Officer of AustCare Maj. Gen. Warren Glenny, thanked Darya for his humanly concerns and his sense of responsibility in regards to his people, culture and help to human kind. A beautiful sculpture of the globe, which has been crafted by Anna Cohn and dates back to World War II, was gifted to Darya.

Despite the fact that the fans didn't want Darya to leave the stage, the night had past it's mid point, and Darya had performed for a long day, he had to say farewell to his eager and anxious people who wanted to hear more.

Later in the backstage, which could hardly accommodate more than 5 people, tons of his fans poured in to take pictures and autographs of their most respected and favourite artist. A person called from behind the mass with a loud voice "Brother! Tell Darya that his friend from his kindergarten times is here!"

5 January. Melbourne, Australia
The Cradle of Aboriginees
The caravan of "I am cold!" campaign also flew Darya to the remotest part of the world, Australia. This lengthy tour took him from United States to Italy, Germany (Frankfurt, Hamburg), back in the US, Sydney Australia and eventually to Melbourne. He was fatigued enough that he couldn't speak. Even than he was concerned about his fans and exerted all the energy to perform at full posture.

The whole hall including its two-storied seating fleet was full of fans and was releasing the heat from their applause and their love, as if this was their first rendezvous with Darya. Several different camera crews from Australia's different TV stations focused their lenses on Darya to prepare their reports on Darya's tremendous efforts to perform for his country's needy and suffering children.

Again this concert was full house and completely sold out like all his other shows. Darya performed several pieces from his two most recent albums, "Foreign Land" and "Shakar", which was the first time to be performed by the artist himself in Australia. Four different accompanying instruments, Tabla, Tumbek, Electronic Drum, and Daf (performed by Darya himself) with his voice brought a huge heat to the crowd.

Darya contributed his share of profit along with the sum collected as donation from the audience to Afghanistan's needy children through a highly reputed organization, AustCare. The proceeds from both concerts in Australia will be donated to this organisation for delivery.

The Afghan Australian Community couldn't recall any larger gathering of this nature with such a crowd before. One could hear in a loud voice from the crowd things like "Darya, wish you a long life!" or "We are proud of you" and notably children and teens who would say "autograph please Uncle!".



2001 News