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Famed Afghan singer returns home after 13 years of exile (2003-08-11 12:43:09)

KABUL, Aug 10 (Xinhuanet) - Weeping with emotion, Afghanistan's most famous singer Farhad Darya returned to his conflict-ravaged homeland Sunday to stage a series of concerts after 13 years in exile.

"I am in love with my land, country and you nice people. In exile, I have never forgotten my soil or my people even for a second," Darya told musicians and fans who greeted him at Kabul's airport.

He arrived in the Afghan capital from the United States, although he has spent most of his time in exile in Germany.

"The arrival of Farhad Darya, the Afghans' favorite musician, to Afghanistan gives a message of peace, and says that security is good enough. It makes all Afghans hopeful for the future," said Mohammad Rafiq Khoshnud, director of Afghanistan's Music Training Department.

"He is a musician in the heart of all people; the pain and needs of the Afghan nation are well explained in his voice and songs. It is a great pleasure and a great pride for all Afghans," he said.

Khoshnud said he hoped Darya's arrival would encourage other exiled Afghan singers and musicians to return.

Darya fled Afghanistan under the regime of communist president Najibullah, who was killed by the Taliban when they seized Kabul in 1996. He is one of many famous Afghan musicians and singers living in exile, but is the first to visit the country after years of war.

Since the fall of the Taliban, which banned music and most forms of entertainment, around 150 music bands have been registered with the Music Department, which employs 70 staff musicians in Kabul. (AFP)

"Darya's House"
February 05, 2003

The foundation for work, assistance, and development through music was established by the name of "Darya's House" with the ever-ending struggle and creativity of Farhad Darya.

The programs and plans that this association will carry out will include work with children through music, assistance to needy children, revitalisation of music in Afghanistan, and research and development in Afghan music.

"Darya's House" is not affiliated to any political groups or organisations, and it is not budgeted by other donor agencies, but rather Darya personally would fund this organisation and occasionally will ask for funds during his tours and events. This organisation was founded on January 1st, 2003 in Virginia State, and will soon open its doors to the people inside of Afghanistan.

Recently, Darya donated a sum of funds gathered for helping needy Afghan children through an educational institution known as HARIWA based in Kashan, Iran. This assistance instalment will help with some logistical supports for three Afghan children schools in that city.

From now on, Darya's House's activities and achievements will be regularly updated and brought to your attention.

European Tour
January 09, 2003

December 2002: It was Darya's meeting month with thousands of his fans and his art and voice lovers… Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, München… wherever he arrived he was greeted with ever ending love in house packed halls.

Darya travelled with three new instrumentalists along his permanent musicians during this tour, and this way three new instrument such as Acoustic Drums, Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar joined his group on stages. This new combination added more flavour to Darya's concept. He proved once more that he is always in pursuit of creativity to settle his fans' blend and taste.

During this tour, hr2's magnificent concert hall (Germany's Hessen state Radio and TV) was witness to Afghan music's new colours on the eve of December 21. This music had uniqueness in itself for the European audience present in this event. The warmth, which runs in every vein of Darya's music, brought every generation between the ages of three and 93 to absolute excitement. The differences and frontiers had all disappeared, and brotherhood was truly visible in that evening's mirrors.

In the Western Culture, it appears almost impossible that a single artist can bring so many different generations of audiences without any potential issues. However, Farhad Darya who considers this as his moral responsibility and one of his strong imaginative aspirations was able to meet such response without any difficulty.

On the evening of his concert in Düsseldorf, 24 December, he met with a group of Afghan youth that had travelled from Kabul to meet with their counterpart youth in the western countries. They were representing a generation of Afghan youth, who are tired of war, hatred, and wilderness. Today they are travelling city-to-city and country-to-country to make the world aware of their unheard voices and the problems that their country is facing. Darya delivered their message to all his fans and music lovers that evening.

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