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Don't Buy This Video Tape!
Another Lawsuit
December 2002. London, UK

The promoter of Darya's concert in London (27th of August, 2002) who illegally recorded the entire show by unprofessional cameras is now publicizing the release of this videotape in the market. Farhad Darya's official attorney in London, besides he took a legal action against this fraud and robbery, he has sent a letter to all stores and sources through out the world that deal with Afghan music not to market and promote this product.

Since this is obvious harm and damage to Darya's works, he would like to enlighten all his fans regarding the illegality of this videotape and its poor quality.

This so-called company is known as "New Look 2000", and is located in London, UK.


Don't Wait Until They Die!
By: Omar Amini
November 1, 2002


Darya, receiving the title of "Leading Singer of Afghanistan".

The concert at Michael J. Fox Theater, which is located in south of Burnaby, a small city on the east of the great city of Vancouver, was a great event despite initial glitches. The show, a sold-out concert, was delayed because the audience did not show up on time. In fact they were sure that all of them got their tickets with a numbered seat days ago. Then why hurry?! As the arena was filled with Darya fans, the scream combined with claps and whistles were the testament to the great event that was about to take place in British Columbia. They were waiting and chanting to see Afghanistan's most beloved singer, Farhad Darya performs in front of them. The concert finally started with Darya's entrance through one of the side doors with humming the intro of one of his most famous songs, which filled the atmosphere of the arena with great applause and claps by Darya Fans.

Followed by a couple of Pashto songs, the event was getting warmer as entire audience felt the intoxicating effect of Darya's music. This was followed by Darya being presented the award for the "Leading Singer of Afghanistan" by no one else but great Ustad Hafizullah Khyal. People rose to their feet for applause and finding it no surprise since they remembered that exactly two years ago, the award of honors for the "Best Singer of the Year 1999" was presented to their beloved singer, Farhad Darya, in the same arena, in front of the same audience. Both concerts and award ceremonies were organized by "Aina-e-Afghan TV", British Columbia's only Afghan news and entertainment television and radio program provider.

The highlight of this award ceremony was probably the speech that Darya gave to his music loving fans about "appreciating and remembering Afghan artists during their lifetime".

The concert continued with a few songs by Ustad Khyal, which was requested by Darya and fans as well. Darya himself ended up the concert with repeating his new song, "Afghanistan Salaam" from his unreleased album "GulAroos"; followed by meeting up and signing up autographs with fans outside the stage.

Darya in "Little Kabul"
By S. Sahraagard
November 2002. Fremont, CA

Located in Flamingo Place in the city of Fremont also known as "Little Kabul", California; Farhad Darya's Concert was sold-out on the night of October 26, 2002. The eager audience listened as Farhad Darya and his multi-national band rocked the walls of Flamingo away.

A wall projection on the background showed scenes from the stage: musicians playing a variety of instruments such as Tabla, Harmonium, Bass guitar, Keyboards, Lead Guitar, Mandolin, and Acoustic Drums; and constant images of Farhad, singing from the depths of his gifted and creative soul.

An avid explorer of new musical styles and techniques, Farhad Darya brought with him a number of Western musicians, giving the concert a sense of harmonious contradiction as well as celebration between Afghan and Western styles. This was probably the first time for a Non-Afghan Drummer to play the famous drumbeat of 7/8 "Mogholee", which is derived and very common amongst the Afghan tunes.

While the band experimented on mixing Afghan music with rock and blues tunes, Farhad Darya sang his magical melodies, always with original and refreshing lyrics. He sang a few songs from his new album and snippets of older songs to fulfill the unending requests from the audience. Personally, I was pleased that he sang the entirety of my favorite song, "Khusham May-Aayad."

The concert was highly received by the audience, which included both young and old generations, and Farhad appeased both with a wide range of savors from soft and silky melodies to groovy beats.

Farhad Darya exemplifies the true artist - always seeking to create art and always excelling in that endeavor.


Farhad Darya in Anaheim, CA
Posted by: Neeli
Thursday, October 24, 2002


Saturday October 19th 2002: After counting many days, an eleven hour drive and unbelievable anticipation of seeing Farhad Darya in concert, we were finally at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim California. It was 6:15 and the concert was to start at 9:00 so yes, we were a little early. As we entered the building, I could hear Darya's voice all the way across the hall practicing "Tu rafty", one of my favorite songs. We went up stairs to the third floor and watched him practice this song a couple of times. Gradually people started to arrive and within an hour, the hall was packed with people, mostly Afghans, but a considerable number of Iranians as well. We stood in line for the entry and I was the first we were the first people in line. The door finally opened at 8:00 and people rushed towards a huge, well-decorated hall that could hold up to 3000 people. We got the first row at the first table so we were in direct view of the stage. Though 40 minutes later than scheduled, "due to a traffic accident", the concert had the signs of a super hit from the very beginning. A very casually dressed Darya, in blue jeans, black shirt and an authentic Afghani vest, started his way through the audience applauding with true excitement almost running to the stage, singing "Donia Gozaraan". The audience was up its feet till the end of the song. His very poetic and emotional start with an apology for being late, kicked off the event to remember. A concert filled with songs of patriotism like "Khiaal-e-Man Yaqeen-e-Man", songs filled with emotions and memories of loved ones like "Diltangee Imshab" and "Ay Aashnaaye Man", songs for the younger generation to dance with "Golom Golom" and "Baalaa Sare Deh Dokhtar". This night was about dancing. Some got up and danced on the dancing floor. Others' souls danced when Darya gave us a little gift from his upcoming album "GulAroos", a song for Afghanistan, "Afghanistan Salam". There was a little bit of something for everyone in this concert. To me, it was so worth the trip that I had to take about 900 miles from where I live! Darya ended the concert with a ghazal that he had sung before, but with a little bit of changes, "Maayemo Nawaaye Benawaayee". The night started off very peacefully and ended very peacefully.

Though I have not been to any other concerts of Farhad Darya, I have seen the ones that are on tape or DVDs. Darya always is a winner, but this last concert was by far the best by the investment of music in Afghani culture. If this concert comes out on media, my personal recommendation is, "Buy it and own it."

Thank you for reading and thank you Mr. Darya for such joyous moments of fun and pleasure!

Let's Help!

October 2002, Los Angeles

Darya has donated the ownership rights of two of his songs to be used for a charity project for Afghanistan. "Afghanistan Relief", one of the largest humanitarian organizations working for Afghanistan, has decided to release a CD in the market to provide help through the proceeds for the needy children and women in Afghanistan.


"Freedom, Another Name for Music"
WHO Conference Hall
September 28-29, 2002. Copenhagen, Denmark


Farhad Darya attended the "2nd World Conference on Music & Censorship" held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 28th to 29th of December 2002. He was one of the conference speakers, and spoke on the nature of censorship and its history in Afghanistan. He also voiced his concern on the future of music, and identified a number of crucial and key problems in rehabilitation of music in Afghanistan. "Freedom is another name for music," he said.

During his stay in Copenhagen, Darya was approached several times through the international and local media . . . received many interview requests . . . interviewed multiple times . . .

For the complete report in Farsi, please read the following article published in the current issue of "Asamai" magazine. For reading about conference and its details in English, please visit Freemuse's official website.

In the City of Romance

June 29, 2002. Montreal, Canada

After the balmy trip to the island of Palermo located in the south of Italy, it was Montreal's turn- the city of romance and arts. Especially the old town with its unique glance.

- Are you playing at the Jazz Festival?
- O, no! We are playing with an Afghan singer, Farhad Darya.
- How nice! Luckily we Canadians are familiar with his name and his music through
our media. Have a successful show!
- Thanks! Enjoy the festival.

Those days, in the heart of the old town of Montreal, the city was celebrating the FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE JAZZ DE MONTREAL By seeing some one who was carrying a musical instrument, along a warm smile they asked them if they are playing in the festival.

At the night of June 29th, Darya was performing for the fans by all his soul. As usual, he had media's interest and his fans love with.

Voice of Afghanistan in Palermo
June 6th, 2002. Palermo, Italy

Teatro Massimo, one of the three larges and prestigious opera houses in Europe, was reopened by great Italian classic musician, Pavarotti, in 1997 after years of construction and renovation of inside of the theater.
                                                                                                          Massimo Theater. Palermo, Italy

In June 6th this year, its huge doors were opened to the hundreds of music lovers who were eager to listen to the Voice of Afghanistan, Farhad Darya. Majority of the audience were the younger generations who have had the opportunity to get to know Darya's music through the Italian media in the last two years.

The show was supposed to continue for 90 minutes, but the applauses and the keen audience stretched it almost to three hours. The day after, the event had been nicely mirrored on the Italian media and received positive reviews that we have translated some of them to be posted on Darya's site.

A part of proceeds was forwarded to the children of Afghanistan through Theatro Massimo's management.

Massimo Theater. Palermo, Italy

Healing by the Concentrated Music
Night of Ghazal
May 26, 2002. Toronto, Canada

In a smaller hall, at the same Regal Constellation Hotel's venue, the flames of classical and Ghazal music heated up the bones of the sluggish night.

Farhad Darya was singing for his fans and to the ones who came to listen to the traditional tunes of Afghan music, and to help the children of Afghanistan. All proceeds were forwarded to the Afghan children through CARE Canada.

An Evening With a Living Legend in Toronto
Sultan Ghaznawi (freelance journalist)
May 25, 2002.Toronto

Darya & fans. Toronto, Canada. May 2002
Once known for his style in classical music in Afghanistan and later for his innovations in transition of Afghan music to a popular culture, Farhad Darya made entry to the Regal Constellation Hotel's Ballroom in Toronto with an unexpected break-to-start of his world renowned single of "Donia Gozaran" (Let the World go by). As he was chanting and dancing to his own beats, thousands of his fans and admirers had gathered to witness this moment from as far stretched back as Halifax Nova Scotia to the plains of Saskatchewan.

Seeing people standing for respect with a warm applause, and even trying to get a glimpse of the artist by climbing an elevated area was relative to the fact that this brilliant artist has so many admirers. Celebrities from Afghan and non-Afghan media and entertainment industry counted in hundreds.

Despite the political changes and manipulations in Afghanistan, Darya has survived and rather strengthened the bond of unity between Afghans. His music is very widely celebrated and has brought beat to hundreds of thousands of sad hearts across Boundary-less Ocean of music. Like usual the Canadian media took a special interest from networks such as CBC, CTV, CFMT and many others in this event. Not to mention that his style of communicating with his fans during performance has created a link between a star and the admirers.

A week before his scheduled concert, Darya arrived in Toronto with his team of performers and worked round the clock to make this a perfect show. During this window of rehearsing and practicing he would take occasional breaks to meet with media and his countrymen based in Toronto. Of significant interest was his visit to Chopan Kabab House, a famous Afghan restaurant in Toronto's downtown district. He was greeted by a large number of his fans and media crews. CTV's Dominic Patten conducted a very detailed footage of his visit there, as well as his rendez-vous with Afghans in different locations of media interest.

Darya has been in the spotlight after September 11th, last year's tragic events. Recognizing his patriotic contributions and dedication after the recent developments in Afghanistan in November 2001, the first piece of music broadcast from Radio Kabul was that of his "Beloved Kabul" song.Interesting enough, the concert bore the theme of helping Afghan kids impacted by malicious and destructive affects of the ever-ending war. That further added to the people's affection for Darya, who showed his extreme devotion for his people in any possible form.

A large amount of funds were raised during the show and through the sale of his concert's tickets. The funds collected thus were handed over to Care Canada, an internationally renowned non-profitable organization. Mr. Andrew Graham, Care Canada's Public Affairs Officer says in a statement "this is a valuable contribution towards our operations in the war shattered nation of Afghanistan. We appreciate Mr. Darya's assistance."

Although Darya has left Toronto, it would feel incomplete to look at Afghan community without his literary and musical contributions.

Colosseum of Rome. May 2002                                                                        

Darya and Cheb Khaled, King of Rai Music

Darya and Dino Merlin, Leading singer of Sarajevo

A Tribute to Peace
May 11th 2002. Colosseum of Rome, Italy.

In the evening of May 11th, Colosseum of Rome was witnessed of an international musical event by celebrities from all over the world.

This unique international event, the first public spectacle in the COLOSSEUM in decades, united citizens in a call for world peace. This arena has staged no event of such importance since 404 A.D, when the last gladiators fought to the death. Historically much violence has taken placed in this immense venue, but at that nigh COLOSSEUM became a symbol of life and hope.

"Time for Life" is the first event to be broadcast live from here, enabling millions to take participate and contribute to a charity dedicated to children suffering from conflict.

Artists of great caliber were invited from far and wide to contribute at that nigh and help the world show that bridge can be built across cultural, religious, national and ideological divides. Many of the singers had created their own unique sounds, combining traditional and modern styles with different cultural roots. Music, in all its many forms, is a medium that has a unique ability to create bonds between people who experience widely differing lifestyles and situations.

Performing celebrities were as follows:
Ray Charles (USA), Noa (Israel), Farhad Darya (Afghanistan), Cheb Khaled (Algeria), Bongo Maffin (South Africa), Dino Merlin (Sarajevo), Fiorella Mannoia (Italy), Nicola Piovani (Italy), and others.


Again in the "House of Mirror"
25 January 2002. Virginia, USA

After being busy with his tour in different countries, which kept him away, it was time for "House of Mirror" to have Darya. This is the place where member of literary schools and poetry attend. They read and analyze poems and pieces written by Mirza Bedel. Except one or two faces more or less everything else was in its place. The same love, the same Gnosticism and the same culture! The program continued from 9 in the evening to one in the morning.

Sold Out Twice the Size of the Hall
12 January. Sydney, Australia

The Sydney skies were heavily polluted and fogged after a big fire in its surrounding forests, that people had difficulty breathing. The morning that Darya landed in Sydney the news brought to him about the fire wasn't much of a serious issue, as he thought his friends might have joked with him. The night brought a gigantic amount of rain and the pollution subsided and was washed. His friends joked around saying this is all because of Darya's arrival!

Although Sydney's concert was sold out twice, meaning the size of the crowd exceeded twice the size that the hall could accommodate, a number of issues were noticeable due to lack of space and number of audience. The fault was that of the so-called "promoter" Mr. Basir Aria who had "organized!" the show. This gentleman had selected a hall, which could accommodate a crowd of 800 people, whereas he sold 1600 tickets. A few hundred other fans who couldn't find any space regrettably had to leave from behind the hall doors, which were about to break.

If a person wanted to walk from one corner to the other corner of the hall, it would probably take them more than an hour, since all the hallways were occupied. Outside the hall there were a large number of people waiting for last minute tickets. Among those people, there were a few young men who had turned tiered and bored from waiting desperately for such a long time, turned a car upside down, which was parked in front of the hall! This way they tried to cool down their temper, and the road was heavily congested with traffic for several hours. Within 2 hours more than several police patrol cars arrived in the scene to help and calm the people down.

Despite all these numbers, Darya and his band shined brilliantly, and it was a grand and marvellous show. The fans celebrated their beloved artist, and rocked the night as well.

Who was to be blamed? Why should such a disorganization and mess happen at the first place? The answer is fairly simple. Its because the organization of such have never been in the hands of professionals, but rather shopkeepers and businessmen who think arranging a concert is a very simple task to perform. All that matters to these gentlemen are their own pockets and not the prestige of others and their own. As a result the reputation and prestige that artists such as Darya have gained, comes under immediate fire. We all hope that one day the holly roots of our music will be taken away from dirty hands of these money lovers.

At the end of the program, Chief Executive Officer of AustCare Maj. Gen. Warren Glenny, thanked Darya for his humanly concerns and his sense of responsibility in regards to his people, culture and help to human kind. A beautiful sculpture of the globe, which has been crafted by Anna Cohn and dates back to World War II, was gifted to Darya.

Despite the fact that the fans didn't want Darya to leave the stage, the night had past it's mid point, and Darya had performed for a long day, he had to say farewell to his eager and anxious people who wanted to hear more.
Later in the backstage, which could hardly accommodate more than 5 people, tons of his fans poured in to take pictures and autographs of their most respected and favorite artist. A person called from behind the mass with a loud voice "Brother! Tell Darya that his friend from his kindergarten times is here!"

The Cradle of Aboriginees
5 January 2002. Melbourne, Australia

The caravan of "I am cold!" campaign also flew Darya to the remotest part of the world, Australia. This lengthy tour took him from United States to Italy, Germany (Frankfurt, Hamburg), back in the US, Sydney Australia and eventually to Melbourne. He was fatigued enough that he couldn't speak. Even than he was concerned about his fans and exerted all the energy to perform at full posture.

The whole hall including its two-storied seating fleet was full of fans and was releasing the heat from their applause and their love, as if this was their first rendezvous with Darya. Several different camera crews from Australia's different TV stations focused their lenses on Darya to prepare their reports on Darya's tremendous efforts to perform for his country's needy and suffering children.

January 5, 2002. Melbourne, Austrailia.
"I am Cold!" tour.

Again this concert was full house and completely sold out like all his other shows. Darya performed several pieces from his two most recent albums, "Foreign Land" and "Shakar", which was the first time to be performed by the artist himself in Australia. Four different accompanying instruments, Tabla, Tumbek, Electronic Drum, and Daf (performed by Darya himself) with his voice brought a huge heat to the crowd.

Darya contributed his share of profit along with the sum collected as donation from the audience to Afghanistan's needy children through a highly reputed organization, AustCare. The proceeds from both concerts in Australia will be donated to this organization for delivery.

The Afghan Australian Community couldn't recall any larger gathering of this nature with such a crowd before. One could hear in a loud voice from the crowd things like "Darya, wish you a long life!" or "We are proud of you" and notably children and teens who would say "autograph please Uncle!".

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