World Music Gala for Children

April-May 2007, Germany

The big tour of "Encounters" performed in 15 cities of Germany ended in the evening of May 8th in Nürnberger Arena. Facing the audience and yet not higher than their heads, the stage, a cross-shaped construction in the middle of the arena was already an indication of to where the journey should go: from the north to the south and from east to west. Every star performed two songs. Farhad sang Salaamalek (English/Dari) and Gorgore (Pashto). Both songs were exclusively written for the tour and Encounter’s project.

Two days after the end of the “Encounters” tour on May 10th, “Oberpfalznetz” wrote:

“…. Huge applauses were received at the last concert of the since April continuous tour. The recipients of the applause were the Swedish Pianist Robert Wells, the Israeli Singer Tsipi Mashid and the born Afghan Darya. The Afghan Singer sponsors an action to benefit the street children in his country…”

Ein bisschen Frieden (A Piece of Peace) By Walter Fischer

“ … Farhad Darya comes from Afghanistan and is beyond doubt one of the most popular musicians in the Persian- Arabic speaking world. In his track “Salaamalek” he wishes all nations on earth peace- a condition from which his own home country is far away.”

Darya always went on stage with bare feet and turban which represented his country and roots. He sang Heavy Metal Rock, talked of peace and love and "Salaamalek" (Peace to You). After hearing his voice and seeing his appearance, the audience said: "We never expected to see such a kind face from the violent Afghanistan. Thank you for opening such a positive window towards Afghanistan for us; a window that should have been opened years ago."

Dated April 23, 2007 Esslinger Zeitung in Stuttgart, Germany wrote: “… the barefoot Farhad Darya from Afghanistan with his Heavy-Metal Rock “Salaamalek” boiled the hall…”

Darya's message was clear and his songs expressed his hope, aspiration, and wishes for the world in simple language of love.

Frankfurter Rundschau, one of the most popular newspapers of Germany used Darya's greeting, which he gave to the people of Frankfurt, as the heading of an article:

Schöne Grüße Aus Kabul
by Thomas Stillbauer

“… Life could be so uncomplicated. “I am Yellow, You are Red”, that is how Farhad Darya defines his standpoint towards life. And his conclusion: “Let’s Become Orange. Amen!”

On May 6th after Kiel’s concert in Ostseehalle Sh:z wrote:

“…Maffay greeted the popular Afghan Singer Farhad Darya like an old pal with a huge hug, right before Farhad wished the cosmopolitan cities of Paris, New York, Delhi and Kabul “Peace be With You” with his demure and exotic sounding song “Salaamalek”

On April 25th Westdeutsche Zeitung publication wrote: “… Farhad Darya from Afghanistan is celebrated like a hero in his country. The musician reveals the vulnerability of Afghan children….”

Peter Maffay on his interview with BBC about his friend and colleague said: "I think Darya and I are like brothers. I appreciate his ideas and initiatives. He is a strong man and knows what he wants. His political and social activities are completely true and real. He is one of the artists who can change the thoughts and minds of people better than the politicians. He is also a great artist on the stage and is a man with authority and strong character.”

No wonder the glorious concert tour and the fantastic critics have already found a ground outside Germany. There are already propositions and invitations for the “Encounters- An Alliance for Children” to continue the tour around the world: performance requests have come from Johannesburg (South Africa), Kiev (Ukraine), Stockholm (Sweden) and the Chinese province of Sichuan. More than that: all Encounters’ Stars are invited to perform in Manhattan, New York. A personal invitation to Israel came from the peace Nobel Prize winner Shimon Peres, who is also one of the patrons of Encounters.

To listen to “Salaamalek” song, please click on the links below:

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