After Ten Years In Virginia

23 January, 2005

Farhad Darya set in motion the year 2005 with two sold-out gigs, one in Los Angeles on  January 8 and the other in New York on January 15. Afterwards, it was time to rock Virginia. It had been almost ten years since the last time Darya had performed in Virginia. His fans had been deprived by a decade delay of his appearance on the stages of the Washington DC Area. After all those years of eagerness and expectation, THE day had arrived, and Farhad Darya rocked Virginia.

The concert, which was planned to be given on the 22nd, was cancelled because of a heavy snow in the Washington Area. Although the show was rescheduled for the 23rd, it was a sold-out night, and there were hundreds of fans waiting behind closed doors without tickets.

At the end of the spectacles in Virginia and New York, the “Best Live Performance” Awards were granted to Farhad by TriVision Studios.


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