Steiger Award

17 March, 2007 Bochum, Germany

Steiger Award was presented to Afghanistan’s President Mr. Hamed Karzai in Bochum (Germany) by Farhad Darya, the German rocker Peter Maffay and the head of German Parliament Dr Norbert Lammert. This Award recognizes individuals’ efforts in different fields such as politics, music, theater, charitable works, environment, sports, media and so on. Before handing the award, Darya, whose attendance was a pleasant surprise to the Afghan president, he said:

“…You might know Mr. Karzai a lot more than the people of Afghanistan nowadays. When you are outside Afghanistan and read that the country has been at war for over 30 years, you might think that Afghans are crazy about war and destruction. However, Ladies and Gentlemen! Afghans are not crazy for war and destruction. They are like a precious musical instrument, from which the real sound has not yet been heard, for - no one knows how to bring it into tune. The truth is, the right way of dealing with Afghanistan and its people, has yet to be found. If you would get to know the real, pleasant, and deserved faces of Afghans, I am sure you would honor every single Afghans with awards like the one Mr. Karzai is receiving…” 

After receiving the Steiger Award, Mr. Karzai said: 
“I am grateful that Mr. Maffay and Mr. Darya two of the greatest musicians are here and talking about me. Indeed, we can sometimes provide a lot of help to mankind around the world with music rather than with politics.”

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