Gold Award

April 11, 2007. Manheim, Germany

For its victorious market in Germany and Europe, “Encounters” received the “Gold Award”. This award was presented by Sony BMG to all stars of “Encounters”. On the last day of their rehearsal for the tour, Sony BMG hosted a large number of German media representatives. From all songs performed over the course of the tour, only the three following tracks had been chosen to be performed in front of the media: “Salaamalek” from Afghanistan, Soul Prayer from Israel, and “Children of the world”. After receiving the Gold Award and at the end of the performance, all stars were asked to sign on a special Volkswagen vehicle called “Touran”. (Volkswagen Company is one of the biggest sponsors of “Encounters” project.) When Farhad Darya was asked to be the first artist to sign on “Touran”, he wrote: SALAAMALEK!