Without My Fans … It is Impossible!      
از دریا به دوستدارانش

January 28, 2006 

In response to the enormous love and care that Darya receives from millions of his fans and admirers around the globe, recently he expressed his loyalty to them through the following words that he is personally manifesting:

“… An artist without supporters is like a field without a harvest, or a king without an army … a traveler with no one awaiting his return.

I am very fortunate not to be that barren field with no harvest. I am blissful not to be that traveler whom no one awaits. I am instead that artist who has loyal fans and supporters like you.

If I sing beautifully, it is because of your prayers and blessings. If I don’t sing and am silent, you worry. If “my throat” hurts, you heal it. If I have a sorrow, you share it with me. How great you are my beloved friends and how lucky am I! I cannot imagine a life without you! It would be impossible.”





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