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Interviews of 2001

During the year 2001, Darya had a large number of interviews
with the different Radios, TV's, newspapers and journals.
Following are a few of them:

• Die Welt. German newspaper. Germany
• MOPO. Hamburger Morgen Post. German Newspaper. Hamburg, Germany
• Hindukosh TV. Afghan TV. Hamburg, Germany
• NOI TV. Afghan TV. Hamburg, Germany
• Radio Voice of Freedom. Afghan radio. Germany
• Ray TV. National TV. Cosenza, Italy
• Press Conference. Cosenza, Italy
• Deutsche Funke. National Radio. Germany
• Berliner Zeitung. German Newspaper. Berlin, Germany
• FreeMuse. Copenhagen, Denmark
• Asahi Shimbun, One of Japan's largest daily Newspaper
• ABC News, TV Channel Seven, Washington DC, USA
• Abcnews.com. Newy York, USA
• The Time Magazine, USA
• Entertainment Weekly Magazine, USA
• The Time Newspaper, London, UK
• Le Temps(Time) Newspaper, Switzerland, twice
• The World radio, London, UK
• Mitt I Musiken, Swedish radio, Sweden

• National Post, National Newspaper of Canada
• Outlook Radio Program, BBC, London
• O DIA, Newspaper, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
• Radio5Live, BBC, London, UK
• The Age newspaper, Melbourne, Australia
• ABC radio, Australia
• 3WA radio, Australia.
• SBS Radio, Australia
• Vivere Newspaper, Italy
• Europe 1, French radio, France
• CBC News World Today TV, Toronto, Canada
• Radio 4, BBC, London
• Radio Anch'io, Rai, Italian National Radio. Rome
• TV Portugal, Portugal
• Rai National radio, different programs- several times, Rome, Italy
• Radio Capital, Italian national Radio
• Linea 24, Italian National Radio
• BBC different programs, many times, London
• Jorna Do Brasil, newspaper, Brazil
• LA FM Colombian radio show, Colombia
• La Repubblica, Newspaper, Italy
• Panorama, Italian News Magazine
• Euro news, Danish Radio, Denmark
• Rai, Italian national radio, more than 10 times.
• French Daily Liberation, French Newspaper.
• Radio Dari: Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran- Mashed.
• Radio Azaadi: Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran- Mashed
  (special radio broadcast for Uzbeks and Tajiks around the world.)
• Radio BBC: London, UK. Many interviews at several occasions.
• Voice of America: Washington DC, USA. Many interviews at several occasions.
• Morgen Post: German newspaper in Hamburg, Germany
• Radio NDR: Hamburg, Germany
• Neda-e-Watan Radi&TV: Copenhagen, Denmark. Many interviews at several occasions.
• Afghan 24 hours radio: California, USA
• Radio Voice of Afghanistan: Toronto, Canada
• Press conference with several afghan TVs in Hamburg.
These TV's were present: Noi TV,Qhuti-e-Attar, Heywad, Bamdad, etc

• Afghan TV: Virginia, USA- two sessions
• Afghan 24 hours radio: Toronto, Canada
• Radio BBC: Darya had a live interview with afghan refugee children in Pakistan
   and sang for them on the phone
• Omaid Journal: Darya's interview was published in 5 individual episodes
• Afghan Mosaic Journal: Virginia, USA
• Radio Voice of Iran: California, USA. Farhad Darya had a two hours live interview
  with his fans

2002 Interviews
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