Below are a number of email letters from fans
across the world.

Subj: Yak Khahish Az Farhad Jan
Date: 12/10/2002
From: Tayeb from Holland

Salam Farhad jan.
I am mailing u from Holland. I am sure that u read my mail. I love to hear some Ghazals from you. I miss that for a long time. Is there is a way that we can have something fresh from you?
Tank You



Subj: Assalamu Alaikum
Date: 10/9/2002
From: A.K.A.

Dear Farhad Jan e Darya!
I hope you are in best of your health with your respected Family.
. . . . Right now I am listening to your song of Mullah Mamad jan & it takes me back to Afghanistan . . . .
May Allah give you more energy to sing for us years & years.


Subj: Farhad-Jaan Darya
Date: 12/3/2002
From: Huma Bargzie

Salaamuna Grano Dostano-
I wanted to express my sincere appreciation regarding an evening of fine Afghan music by an outstanding and loved artist of Afghanistan, Farhad-Jaan Darya had the pleasure of attending this cultural event on October 26, 2002 at Flamingo Palace in Fremont, California.
I feel that his style is quite unique in comparison to other Afghan Artists. An example that illustrates his unique style was his grand entrance into the hall. The lights were dimmed and he walked in with lights on him and he had the biggest and warmest smile on his face, singing "Dunya Guzaran". It was a delightful way to make his way to the stage. The whole evening, we heard beautiful tunes both traditional and modern and the best part was that the smile remained on his face the whole time. I truly appreciate an artist who cares about his audience. Another point worthy of mentioning is that all Afghans enjoyed his music as he made an effort to sing in both Pashto and Dari.
I also had the pleasure of meeting him backstage and congratulating him on an excellent performance. He was the most humble and respectful Afghan artist that I have ever met. He also made a promise that he will visit the Bay Area at least once a year-and we hold him to that.
Kind Regards,

Huma Bargzie


Subj: Salam Farhad Jan
Date: 12/4/2002
From: Sweden

I am coming in ur Concert in Denmark.
So Please, Please, Please can u sing me
"Gardeshe Chashme Seyahe tu khosham meayad.."
I really love that song...
Good luck in Ur life...
See U


Subj: New CD
Date: 11/28/2002
From: M. A.

Dear Farhad Jan,
2002 is almost over and your CD promised to be released in 2001 is still
not out. I am dying to hear something new and wonderful, when this new CD
will be released? Please don't make us give up on you. I will never
do so, but I am angry. The only way I get to hear you is through your
published music CDs. I, and many more like me, can't make it to LA or SF or
other locations to see you in concert. So please, don't forget your fans.


Subj: Salam Az Afghanistan
Date : 11/21/2002
From : Mirwais Fayez

Farhad Aziz Salam
. . . How can I express my feelings to you while I found your web site?
It was really a good time. I was crossing Pul -e- Baghe Omomi.
Near Ketab Froshi, I came across to a magazine with the name of "Jawane Maihan"
and your photo was on its cover. I bought it and when I saw your web site there, it
was incredible for me. Soon I wrote a message to you. I don't know if
you have received that or not?
I was the one who contacted you from Kandahar. Do you remember me?
Hope to have more news from you.
Kiss Hejran for me.


Mirwias Fayez
UNICEF Herat- Afghanistan


Subj: salaam
Date: 11/18/2002
From: F.

Salam doste aziz

. . . Bebakhshed,natawanestam ke roze tawallodei tan 22 September 2002 ra tabriq begoyam. . .
Hech waqte faramoshe man nashoden,wa hal az samim qalb roze tawalode tan ra tabriq gofta sal khosh,por sa'adat hamrai famillai tan mikhahom . . .


Subj: Awesome Concert On Nov 1 in Vancouver, B.C- Canada
Date: 11/14/2002
From: Vancouver

Salaam Farhad Jan.
First of all I would like to thank you and your band for your awesome concert. It was really delightful and really enjoyable. I attended your concert and took a picture with you. After 3 years, my dream came true in Vancouver, and my dream was to listen the Song from your own Beautiful voice "Khodam en so delam on soye Darya". All of your songs are the best, but this is just for I LOVE THIS SONG. And also congregations for being "The Leading Singer Of Afghanistan".
Thanks for your great performance in Vancouver.

Your Sincerely,
M. A.


Date: 11/10/2002
From: Vancouver

Salam Farhad jan Darya
. . . I was at your concert in Vancouver, which was awesome . . . I have been looked up to you since I was a little kid. I play the tabla with my uncle since I was a little kid.
. . . I hope you become an ustad so I could be you student.

Edris Fayaz
Your # 1fan


Subj: Greetings
Date: 11/8/2002
From: A.

????? ???? ???? ??? ? ?????? ???!

When you get 50, then I will call you (mohtaram Farhad
sahib:) Joking aside
Yak jahaan mamnoon. Got your nice mail. I know you are
I am sure u did well last Friday no doubt and u don't
have to worry. You have proved your success and how
much fun people have had at all your shows. You don't
have to worry. If u don't like something about your
performance yourself, still we are human beings not a
big deal.
You said I should cross my fingers and pray for you. I
always do, but as God is with you and all of us, we
need nothing else. Am I right?

Khub bach e film! I am still waiting to get your new
album. If it comes out in Dec. fine, otherwise
doshmanet malamat:) and I can wait another week, month
year:( if I live!!!!)
I already sent one request in my previous email (more
pictures on the net). The second one: Do u know we
would like to have your posters? There is none except the
one which announces ur tour. Poor me
enlarged your CD picture:)
Someone gave me a picture of you as a gift long time
ago and said," This was taken when we had a trip in
Turkey in 80s."
I am sure u remember it. You are wearing a strip white
and pink shirt and I still have it, but is very small.
Talking about these things may be time consuming for
you, but I want to share it.
Ok wish you best of the best and wait to get more
mails if your precious time permits.
Lots of regards,


Subj: Hi
Date: 11/7/2002
From :

???? ????? ???!
?? ???? ????? ?? ???? ????.
???? ???? ????
Salam Farhad jan man khaili sedayat ra dust daram . Azim Faizi Heravi -- Denmark


Subj: Salam
Date: 11/7/2002

Salam, Farhad Jan,
I'm a university student from Canada, and I'm very into my culture even though I was raised here since I was 3. I just wanted to say Salam and tell u that your music is very nice and I luv it. . . .



Subj: What A Concert?
Date: 11/04/2002
From: Vancouver

What can I say about your concert in Vancouver?
Oh, It was really good and fantastic however the time passed so quickly and we all were (GHORA BA DIL) at he end.
We all are really proud of you since you are such an excellent singer and composer.
Wow, your new song (????????? ????). Wherever I go, this song comes in my ears.
However I wanted to come at the end and talk to you and take some pictures with you or have your signature in my dairy as everyone wishes, but seeing the situation and some reasons that you know better than me didn't let me to do so.
Anyway, Thanks for doing such a good performance and wish you a long and happy life.
T. S


Subj: Hi! Farhad
Date: 11/3/2002
From: Tammy

Hi Farhad
how r u?
I'm really looking forward to see u next time in concert!
Well, actually everyone is waiting for ya.
cu bye


Subj: Hello
Date: 11/03/2002
From: Vancouver, Canada

Hi Farhad
I'm emailing you from Vancouver, Canada
After coming to your concert I got changed a lot, because I never used to hear Afghani songs. But after your concert, I'm always on the Internet finding your songs.
In the concert (I was sitting right in front of you)
Waiting for reply


Subj: Fremont Concert
Date: 10/31/2002
From: [email protected]

Dear Farhad Jaan Darya:
A very quick note to convey my warmest regards and sincere hellos to you. I attended your recent concert in Bay Area (Fremont), and I must say that I was very proud!!! Because of the repeat and "copycat" singers that steal the image of Ahmad Zahir and other Afghan and Persian singers, I had stopped going to concerts until now. I must say the ensemble of the foreign musicians was a classy addition to the group, which made it more enjoyable.

I have heard good stories of you from my uncle who was a dear friend of beloved Qahar Shaheed. I have spent most of life in the US and was raised here, but my passion for my motherland and its roots is too strong to even express in words.

I wish you health, success, and happiness along with the rest of your family.

R e g a r d s,
W a h i d


Date: 10/31/2002




Date: 10/30/2002
From: M.

Salam Farhad jan Darya!
I am one of your greatest fans not just here in America, but in our homeland Afghanistan, Kabul. I was just 15 years old when I became your die hearted fan, and yet that I am 27 years old, no singer has ever been so close to my heart and my soul as you are.
You are not just a singer but also a great personality with a great character.
In my family everybody is your die heart fan.
The type of poems that you select for your songs represents that you have a wonderful taste.
I know all of your songs by heart and I love your taste of poetry selections.
I love poems of late Qahar Asi who was not just a poet, but a wonderful and great friend of yours. Yadash zinda baadaa..
You know Farhad Jan what makes you a unique artist? Because you sing from your heart and your soul, you live for music, and plus, you are a person with heart. In other word, you are (Sahib Del) that is what makes you precious and unique from all other singers and that is why I love your music. I was in your Oct 26 concert in Flamingo Palace that was one of the happiest nights in my life; I got your autograph too. But I never got a chance to thank you for your enjoyable and brilliant concert. I always wanted to meet you in person and tell you how a die heart fan of yours I was, but I never saw you so close as I did on your concert except in one or two occasions in Kabul. One time you and Asi were passing by our Block in Macroyan, Kabul and the other time you were attending an engagement party of one of our neighbors and I got a chance to say Hello to you, and you sayed Hello in return and smiled at me. I got so happy that I would never forget that moment. Farhad Jan, I am Personally in love with your classical music (ghazal) and I think you rock in singing ghazal. Please sing a few ghazals in your next CD. Farhad Jan, I do not want to take your time or put pressure on you that you should respond to my Email, but if you want to just respond to me as a fan you can. thanks a lot for your time.


Date: 10/30/2002
From: Jalal

Salam name man Jalal ast.
Wa man owoze shumoro bisyar khosh daram.
Wa agar ke shuma bitawanen akseton ro ba man rawan bikunen hamroe khondanayetan..

Khoda hafez.


Subj: Salaam
Date: 10/29/2002
From: Ferough, California

I just want to tell you that you did an excellent work in your concert in Fremont California. Everyone loved it. It was very different from any other singer and it was a real concert. We all tired of "one keyboard' concerts. What you did will make all other singers to step up and contribute to afghan music and spend some time and money to bring our music to the next level. You are a legendary singer and we all proud of you.
Thank you



Date: 10/27/2002
From: S.

I would like to know when and where the next concert of Farhad Darya would be. I have missed his concerts twice. Any concerts in Virginia?

Darya's fan


Date: 10/7/2002
From: T.

Dear Farhad jan,
Thank you so much for your reply to my message and I really appreciate that. I told my family about your message and they all say their salaams to you. Sorry that we weren't here the last time you had a show in Denver. Hopefully next time inshallah..
Sometimes I have hard time understanding some of your ghazals, songs, but my eldest sister helps me out with the meaning. I like all your songs and you are very hardworking, creative and very respected amongst our people.
So keep on the good work and my best wishes to you.


Subj: Greetings
Date: 10/03/2002
From: Denver, Colorado

Salam Farhad jan,
Hoping you are fine and doing well.
I am a 20-year-old girl living in Denver, Colorado. I really admire you a lot.
I hope you give us a concert in Denver. We are missing you a lot.
Take Care,


Subj: New Songs
Date: 9/30/2002
From: Peshawar

Dear Farhad,
After offering best greeting to u, wish u be all successful forever.

On the other hand, we really like ur character, attitude and songs.

But it is become long time that all Afghans r waiting for ur new songs that we have no album since "Foreign Land".

So, we r looking for ur new songs.
And also we should say that the only singer who songs good is u.

Thanx/best regard


Subj: Salaam
Date: 9/14/2002
From : Omar

salam farhadjan darya!

Ich schreib auf deutsch da ich weiss,dass sie längere zeit in deutschland gelebt haben. Mein name ist Omar, und ich bin ein grosser fan von ihnen. Ihre musik ist fantastich und ich hab auch alle CDs vom ihnen. Machen sie weiter so und weiterhin viel erfolg.

Subj: I am so Happy!
Date: 9/4/2002
From: H. H.

Salam dear Farhad Jan,
I don't believe this is really you that replied me. I m so so so happy that I
just can't express myself. My friends say that every celebrity has somebody
else maintain their email accounts, but I' m 100% sure that this reply has been
written by you not anybody else. Thanks so much for calling me your friend. It
is a privilege for me. Everybody in my family likes you very much. Let me
convey my mom, dad, brothers and sister's regards to you. My brothers and my sisters send their warm regards to you and wish you all the best in every step you take.
I thank you again for replying me so soon in spite of your busyness. I am gonna show all of my class fellows and friends your email. I am feeling so happy. I don't wanna disturb you by writing you a lot of mails that overlap your mailbox. I just
send you a mail once a month.
Thanks and Good luck


Subj: Proud To Have You
Date: 9/4/ 2002
From: H.H.

Dear Farhad,
I like you, your voice, your character, your personality and
everything. Please reply me back if you receive my message. I am 19 and a
student of Pre Medicine College in. I like you very much. I have almost all
of your cassettes and CDs. All Afghans are proud to have you as the
best singer of our country. Please reply me back.
Thanks in Advance


Subj: I am from Frankfurt, Germany
Date: 8/28/2002
From: Suleiman

My name is Soleiman and I am from Frankfurt, Germany.
I want to know when do you come for Concert to Germany???

Sorry my English is not good.
I hope you understand me
Thank You!!!


Subj: Hello
Date: 8/24/2002
From: M.

Dear Mr. Farhad,
I am a 22 yr. old female Afghan. I am a senior in college. I listen to your music all the time. Your a magnificent singer and songwriter.
My question is I would like to pursue a singing career. I have extensive vocal and theatre training. However, I feel it would be the best for me to start with my roots. But I don't know where to begin or would I even be accepted.
I often feel skeptical about female Afghan singers. I am not sure if our time has come yet. Or if it has, could they handle it in a respectable way.
I hope you don't mind answering my question. I promised myself after I finish college I would start making my music dreams into reality. I would greatly appreciate if you could help me with this.
Best Happiness to your Future.


Subj: Salam
Date: 8/19/2002
From: Drummer

Salam Farhad jan,
My name is Maroof. I live in New York, and play Tabla and Keyboard. I'm 12 years old! I enjoy your music very much and thought maybe we can have contact with each other. Well thank you
Khoda Hafiz

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