“Time For Life” - A tribute to peace –
“Colosseum” of Rome, Italy
May 11, 2002.


This unique international event, the first public show in the "Colosseum" in decades, was disposed to unite citizens in a call for world peace. This arena has staged no event of such importance since 404 A.D, when the last "gladiators" fought to death. Historically, much violence has taken place in this immense venue, but at that night the arena became a symbol of life and hope. "Time for Life" was the first event to be broadcast live from the Colosseum in Rome.

The event was broadcast worldwide on television.  Proceeds were collected to support children whose lives have been affected by conflict around the world. The following world-renowned stars performed that night:

Ray Charles (USA), Farhad Darya (Afghanistan), Noa (Israel), Cheb Khaled (Algeria), Bongo Maffin (South Africa), Dino Merlin (Sarajevo), Fiorella Mannoia (Italy), Nicola Piovani (Italy), and others.