“KOCHAH” (Street) a project for Vulnerable Children
February 2006



Darya has initiated a large project called “KOCHAH” to attract the attention of society and the government to the orphans and the working street children who have always suffered. Kochah defines a fresh concept and awareness among different social classes with the objective to reconsider the destiny of the vulnerable children of Afghanistan especially the street and under age working children who are the victims of more than 2 decades of wars, social and cultural strife in Afghanistan.     

In reality, Darya’s intention is to create a new way of thinking and consciousness in society. He donated a significant amount raised from the sale of his DVD KOCHAH (Street) to the Institution of Afghan Writers. Darya’s donation will be used to build a library within the institution and will be named “Darya Library”.

Based on his relentless efforts to attract world attention to helping the needy, vulnerable children of Afghanistan, as well as his latest TV Show “KOCHAH”, the Commission of Human Rights awarded Farhad Darya the Human Rights Award.