“Encounters” – An Alliance for Children
Spring of 2006

“Darya and Peter Maffay, along with 12 other prominent singers from around the world, formed a project called “Encounters”.” 

“Encounters” is a musical journey that leads us through the humanitarian, sociological and ecological hotspots of our planet. These artists will work together to create an international network to support the needy children of the world, particularly those living in slums, ecologically-endangered or devastated regions, on reservations, and those forced to live in areas ravaged by armed conflicts.

Dr. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor has the patronage of the project. Each of the 14 participating artists within Encounters has designated one project into the program to support the children of their respective countries. The project brought by Darya to the “Encounters” is called “Light & Learning”. The intent of this project is to bring the gift of light and learning to the dark life of Afghan children. Within the light and learning project, Farhad Darya benefits from the spiritual support of Mr. Karzai, the President of Afghan Islamic Republic who has become the patron of the venture. The Encounters project has been initiated by the German Rock Music Legend Peter Maffay.    

Darya and the 13 other prominent artists will be touring with the first round of Encounters concerts from April 14th to May 8th of 2007 in Germany.  The initial tour will consist of 15 shows. Encounters concerts will be held also in other countries, and the last concert of the tour is planned for the Olympics of 2008 in Beijing (Peking), China.